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Different rendering solely depending on which button I push? Sweet!

IE6 refresh/submit rendering differences bug

IE6 refresh/submit rendering differences bug

So, this really annoying bug just popped right up in my face this late Friday evening. How could it be, that in one moment all rendered perfectly, just to see the bug introduce itself again the next?

And how could it be that it was changing back and forth between the wanted rendering and the faulty one, seemingly random?

Or is it random?

No! It's actually painfully consistent. Well, when the bug is actually there, at least. It seems to come and go. Right now, I am not allowed to disclose any details about the project, so quick descriptions will have to do for now.

OK, so what I've got is a positioned (explicit) block level element with it's width also explicitly set to 100%. This block level element sits inside of another floating block level element with its position set to relative.

So, what's the dealio?

The issue, of which I was introducing above, is differences in the rendering. In exactly the same browser in every single way. Same OS, same computer.

IE6 renders the web page in two different ways – I can make IE6 render it the first way just by pushing the refresh button or hitting F5. The second rendering version I trigger by marking the URL and hitting Enter, or alternatively pushing the Go button to the right of the URL. The innermost block level element's width will expand out to its parent element (wanted behaviour), or to a parent element further up (faulty behaviour).

Now, this is beyond me. Why are the results different from one another, just because I loaded the page different ways? I've tried hard refreshing about three billion times, so this should not be caused by som weird, annoying cache issue.


PS: If you're visiting my blog using IE6, you'll see I really don't care all that much about optimizing for it. This is, as stated above somewhere in the text, a site I'm coding at work for quite a big customer. They care.

  • Forfatter: Hein Haraldson Berg
  • Publisert: 27/9-08 00:52
  • Redigert: 9/11-08 05:32
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Have you got any clue to what's causing this, or to which rendering is more correct?

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  1. Sebastian Steinmann

    27/09-08 09:03

    I think you need a testcase at least to get any help here Hein.

  2. Håvard Fossli

    27/09-08 11:13

    Yes, i've been having that same problem earlier. when does it render properly? when refreshing or re-entering the page? i don't know, but sure it isn't using an old version of the css when re-entering? try changing some values and see.

    mm. also, are you declaring contradicting parameters (redeclaring) in css? might have been my problem.

    would be fun to hear what you have tried to do in order to get rid of that bug. and would be even more fun if you could publish just the basic frame and reproduce the bug.

    don't know it this is relevant, but can be. http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb250481.aspx

    i don't know. i'm green. and you're probabely feeling blue right now ;)

  3. Hein Haraldson Berg

    26/10-08 13:16

    Sebastian: I might just have the opportunity to show you the finished page next week.

    Håvard: I don't think hasLayout has anything to do with this, the rendering should still be the same, and independant of how the page reload is triggered. I haven't tried much to get rid of the bug (I applied overflow: hidden; to the nearest parent element, though) – it seems to be a software problem to me.

    Good though, to know others have experienced the same phenomenon.

  4. Hein Haraldson Berg

    17/11-08 21:04

    Unfortunately I haven't found any solution to this weird bug. I blame it on Microsoft — I can't sit around troubleshooting their mistakes for ever.

    Thanks for the comment, though — it's more common than one first would think after a quick Google search.

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